How to Use the Power of Neural Networks for Stunningly Captivating AI Music Generation

Have you ever wished for a tool that could help you create captivating music faster and in higher quality? Music that would truly inspire your creative process? The good news is, now it’s possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the advent of AI-based music generation tools, musicians and composers can now use the powerful capabilities of neural networks to create stunningly captivating music.

In this blog post, we explore how you can use the power of AI to produce melodies and beats that rival the works of well-known composers. We identify the benefits of using AI-driven music generation as well as tried-and-true techniques for creating masterful audio pieces with machine learning algorithms. Read on to learn more about how you can harness the power of AI for cost-effective, high quality music production.

What is AI Music Generation?

AI Music GenerationAI music generation is the use of artificial intelligence to generate music. This type of technology allows computers to learn from existing music, allowing them to mimic songs by generating melodies, chords, and even lyrics. It also enables interactive compositions, where machines are able to respond in real-time to a human performer. AI technologies also help shape how we consume and market music; for example, voice controlled players use natural language processing for music control. All of this contributes to how computers compose and produce beautiful new tunes.

AI Music Composition Software

We all know making music from scratch can be time-consuming and tedious. But what if there was an easier way? AI Music Composition Software allows you to create beautiful, high-quality music quickly and easily. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top AI Music Composition Software tools available in the market today – so you can craft your perfect masterpiece without spending hours of your time!


AI Music Generation is revolutionizing the way classical music is composed. AIVA, also known as Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, is the world’s first AI composer to be recognized by a music society (SACEM). Using deep learning and reinforcement learning architectures trained on a wide range of famous songs, AIVA can analyse and detect regularities in music. It then uses this knowledge to create brand-new pieces of symphonic and classical music compositions.

Since January 2019, AIVA has been offering its commercial product on a range of subscription plans. The commercial product is capable of generating unique compositions in various musical styles. All subscription plans come with a number of downloads per month, allowing users to listen to unlimited generated tracks, but only download the ones they want to use.

AIVA ensures that every composition created is completely original but made to echo the style of composers from Mozart to Hans Zimmer to modern pop songs. Thanks to this AI software, musicians now have access to generate new and inspiring works that are completely original.

Orb Producer Suite

Orb Producer Suite (OPS), a suite of four fully-integrated VST3/AU/AU Midi FX plugins, is an artificial intelligence-based music composition software designed by Hexachords to create musical ideas at the push of a button. This AI Music Generation platform uses neural networks trained on the structures of music compositions in a wide range of different styles. This software allows producers to rapidly generate inspiring song sections without requiring learning complex composing skills.

Synthesizer V

AI Music Composition Software – Synthesizer V has revolutionized the way music is composed. It gives musicians the ability to create realistic and life-like singing voices using its deep neural network-based synthesis engine. With this technology, it is now possible to create incredibly human-sounding vocal performances without any need of a human singer!

In addition to its powerful synthesis engine, Synthesizer V also offers an essentials-only version completely free of charge. This allows musicians to explore the capabilities of AI music generation without spending a fortune on expensive software licences, allowing even hobbyists on tight budgets to unlock their creative potential in music composition. All they need is a computer or laptop with basic internet connection, and they’re ready to start composing high quality audio from the comfort of their own home!

My Experience of AI Music Generation

Making music has been an important part of human expression for centuries, and now I can add AI to the artistic equation. In 2020, I created a song called “Hold On” with the help of AIVA – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist. The YouTube video of this song is available at the top of this blog post. While there was still some manual input necessary (a human vocal track overlaid on top), most of the work was done by AIVA using its powerful suite of algorithms and capabilities.

Using AI to create music has allowed me to push my sound in ways I could never have dreamed of before. AI-generated chord progressions are something that traditional music theory cannot even touch. Likewise, for a backing track, it is possible to have a wide range of dynamic elements that would otherwise take far too much time and resources to produce conventionally.

All in all, this new technology has opened up incredible opportunities for musicians around the globe. From big-name artists down to bedroom producers alike, we now have access to powerful tools that unchain us from conventional thinking and let our imaginations run wild. As technology progresses further into the future, it will be compelling to see what possibilities evolve within the world of AI-assisted music production.

Benefits of AI Music Generation

AI music generation has the potential to revolutionize the way we create music, and there are many advantages to using these tools. From faster and more efficient creation process, to access to higher-quality sounds and virtual instruments, here are some key positive viewpoints of using AI music generation.

Efficiency in Creating Music

The use of AI music generation tools can dramatically increase the efficiency of creating and producing music. These tools can generate musical ideas in a matter of time, helping musicians create new pieces quickly without needing to search around for samples or spend hours manually programming parts. This gives musicians more time to focus on creativity rather than technical tasks.

Access to High-Quality Sounds and Virtual Instruments

These tools also provide access to a wide range of high-quality sounds and virtual instruments – something that can be difficult when working with normal software programs or hardware synthesizers. This means that musicians have more options available when it comes to creating sounds for their projects, giving them greater creative freedom when working on new tracks.

Ability to Work with Different Genres

AI music generation tools enable musicians and composers to easily explore different genres of music. By utilizing these applications from this genre experimentation, musicians can create truly unique pieces of work that don’t fit any specific label or sound. This allows the artist the ability not only to push their own boundaries but explore those of other artists as well.

Real-time Synthesis Technology

Real-time synthesis technology is one example of an advancement in AI music generation that is being developed right now. This type of technology allows performers to create new pieces of music instantly as they play it live onstage – adding an extra layer of spontaneity and excitement for audiences who are watching the performance!

Digital Orchestration Techniques

The digital orchestration techniques created by AI systems allow composers access to orchestral arrangements they may not have been able to produce using traditional music practices – avoiding spending thousands on hiring an orchestra for scoring a soundtrack or production project could DRASTICALLY impact budgets. These techniques make it possible for filmmakers, game producers and others who are looking for cinematic quality music production to get high quality cinematic AI-generated music at a fraction of the cost compared to what it normally would take.

Progressive Machine Learning Sounds

Finally, progressive machine learning sounds are unlocking entirely new possibilities in terms of how we experience creative audio content as listeners too! Developments such as artificial intelligence generated generative records explore how this type of audio may evolve over time as it is being listened to, giving people totally new opportunities ahead!


In conclusion, AI music generation can revolutionize and transform the way we create music. With these powerful tools and technologies, musicians, composers and even music enthusiasts can easily craft high-quality tunes quickly and efficiently. It provides them with efficiency in creating music, access to virtual instruments, and the capabilities to work with a broad range of genres. Additionally, people can expect more advancements down the line such as real-time synthesis technology and progressive machine learning sounds.

Ultimately, by leveraging neural networks for stunningly captivating AI music generation, artists can create music not only faster but also more exciting and engaging for listeners around the world.

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