I'm Richard Batt

AI Consultant and Prompt Engineer

I am a very creative AI consultant and prompt engineer with the ability to create innovative business services using AI tools like GPT-4 and Aleph Alpha. I have a background in software development and combine these skills with innovative content marketing services.

Unique Marketing Expertise

From building the software your staff and customers love to crafting unique marketing campaigns. My behavioural economics skills allow me to develop interesting marketing campaigns that bring magic to your customer acquisition.

Behavioural Economics in Marketing
Content Marketing

As a self-employed content writer, I produced top quality content for numerous businesses. My content helped a UK watch retailer exponentially grow their blog hits with front page search engine listings.

Internal Software Tools & Automation

I have utilised REST API's and WordPress to develop high quality tools. I can create exciting software which increases employee productivity and speeds up work. I can also develop high quality automation tools in Excel and browser automation to allow your business to increase productivity.

ChatGPT and GPT-3 Prompt Engineering

I have experience with all of the best AI tools on the market today. I can develop unique prompts which allow businesses to leverage these cutting edge tools. From customer contact bots to blog marketing and beyond, my AI prompt engineering skills can pull your business ahead of th comptition.

My Experience

Check out a sample of my experience in marketing, software development and artificial intelligence.

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My Skills

What I can Do!

App Development

I can create apps for Android and iOS devices. I can develop basic and complex business apps as well as mobile games.

AI Development

I can create high quality tools to automate processes and integrate cutting edge AI tools into your business.

Web Development

I can create high quality business websites and web apps using many tools including WordPress, JavaScript and PHP.

Content Marketing

I can promote your services online using a wide range of methods including high quality videos.