The Volatile Nature of AI: Why ChatGPT’s Fickle Behavior Spells Trouble for Marketers

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize marketing, but this rapidly evolving technology comes with serious pitfalls. ChatGPT seems to offer boundless potential with its ability to generate human-like content, but its skills fluctuate wildly over time – often with no warning or transparency from its creators. This fickle nature poses grave risks for marketers eager to capitalize on AI. To avoid getting burned, they must approach ChatGPT with extreme caution rather than blind optimism.

The Fluctuating Abilities of ChatGPT

ChatGPT burst onto the scene late last year as a marquee example of large language models – AIs trained on massive amounts of data to converse fluently on any topic. Developed by OpenAI, this chatbot dazzles with its eloquent responses across diverse domains. Unsurprisingly, many marketers quickly saw dollar signs.

Yet behind the hype lurks a sobering truth – ChatGPT’s capabilities rise and fall rapidly. In a recent study, researchers compared its skills in March 2023 versus just three months later in June. The results were startling. On certain tasks, ChatGPT’s accuracy plunged precipitously over this brief period. For identifying prime numbers, it dropped catastrophically from 97.6% to 2.4%. Its ability to generate executable code also decreased markedly.

Critically, OpenAI provides zero information about when or how ChatGPT gets updated. The AI chatbot simply transforms behind the scenes in opaque ways. For marketers exploring ChatGPT integration into campaigns, websites, or apps, such unpredictable volatility poses nightmarish risks.

The Dangers for Marketers

Imagine the following scenario. A digital marketing agency decides to use ChatGPT to generate personalized email sequences for client outreach. The AI works wonderfully at first, crafting customized messages that sound friendly and authentic. Response rates skyrocket, clients are delighted, and the agency reaps rewards.

Then overnight, the magic evaporates. ChatGPT starts spewing out emails riddled with nonsense and errors. The reason? Its capabilities changed thanks to an opaque update from OpenAI. But the marketers have no idea why or what went wrong. Their previously fruitful campaign backfires as clients fume over the botched messages.

This illustrative example highlights the dangers of building initiatives around unstable AI systems like ChatGPT. Their behavior can shift rapidly with no explanation. At any moment, ChatGPT may stop performing as needed to accomplish marketing objectives. Without continuous monitoring and contingency plans, marketers leave themselves exposed to potentially disastrous consequences.

Treading Carefully with Volatile AI

Does this mean marketers should abandon AI in their efforts? Certainly not. Used judiciously, ChatGPT can enhance campaigns in myriad ways, from improving content creation to offering 24/7 customer support. The key is harnessing its powers cautiously rather than blindly assuming it will behave consistently over time.

First, marketers should rigorously test ChatGPT on a regular basis to detect performance fluctuations early. Monthly experiments assessing its outputs are wise. At the first sign of skill degradation, temporarily halt its use until determining the cause.

Second, ChatGPT should augment human marketers rather than replace them. Review its work thoroughly before deployment and don’t rely on it as the sole source for critical marketing content. Oversight and quality control are essential.

Finally, always have a contingency plan ready in case ChatGPT becomes unreliable. Be prepared to pivot to alternative solutions or revert to manual methods if needed.

AI holds enormous promise for giving marketers an edge. But the opaque changes underpinning systems like ChatGPT could derail the best-laid plans. By proactively monitoring performance, controlling usage, and planning for instability, marketers can tap into AI’s power without surrendering to its peril.

The ideal way forward is not to shun AI but to use it prudently with expert guidance. Partnering with an experienced AI advisor can help you stay ahead of ChatGPT’s unpredictability. Work smartly with AI and let it give your marketing an advantage while you avoid its pitfalls.

Partner with a knowledgeable AI consultant like Richard Batt today. Protect your marketing initiatives from ChatGPT’s volatility and prepare your campaigns to thrive with AI.

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